An Introduction to Cultural Phenomenology
146pp Published 2014

Cultural PhenomenologyHow can classical philosophy help us deal with today’s cultural dilemmas? What’s more important - to be a good friend or to follow the rules? How far should we go to respect local culture at the cost of our own personal wishes? Who should be held accountable when things go wrong, and why should ‘culture’ matter so much in questions like leadership, responsibility and accountability?

This illustrated introduction aims to  explain the gap between personal experience and cultural value systems.  It is a process to help us dispense with the traditional duality of ‘our way‘ and ‘their way‘ and rather focus on the meaningful dialogue.





Foundations of Leadership
Foundations of Leadership
This introductory text was complied for a series of seminars on Leadership and Corporate Narrative conducted on behalf of The Helsinki School of Economics (Hanken) and the Estonian Business School (Tallin). It looks at the cornerstones of leadership, examining intercultural and cross cultural dilemmas, intercultural communication skills (including storytelling skills in branding, negotiations and presentations), and ethics as the basis of transparency and corporate social responsibility.

Images of Sweden

Images of SwedenWhat is the image of Sweden outside Swedish borders, and how has this image been shaped and formed by Swedish popular culture? Why is it that in so many countries, Sweden is associated with ‘sex and sin’? What is the secret behind the success of the Millennium films? What does popular culture tell us about the ‘Swedish model’, and what has been described as the world’s most advanced society?

Images of Sweden looks at Swedish film and television—the international successes inspired by Astrid Lindgren, the Swedish ‘new wave’ of the late 1960s (Roy Andersson, Bo Widerberg, Jan Troell, Vilgot Sjöman) the significance of Ingmar Bergman’s film and television productions on Swedish culture, the big TV successes such as the hugely influential Expedition Robinson, and present day blockbusters, Arn, Hamilton, Let the Right One In, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.